What are Terpenes

What are Terpenes and the characteristics of Terpenoids?

Laboratory tests concentrating on Hemp usually analyze various aspects and compounds within the Hemp plant. These include substances such as Cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, as well as solvents and the amount of terpenes present in the construction of the plant. The quality of products manufactured or extracted from a harvest of Hemp plants greatly depends on the contents, and the percentages in which they are present, within a particular harvest. But what are terpenes?

While by now you are probably familiar terms such as Cannabinoids and solvents, it is likely that you may wonder what Terpenes are. So what exactly are they, and what exactly are their influences on Hemp, generally, and in particular CBD Hemp Oil?

The aroma, flavor, and color of plants come from Terpenes

The aroma, flavor, and color of a plant depends on the type, strength, and quantity of Terpenes within that particular plant.

Terpenes, which are organic compounds, are found within the composition of aromatic plants, and they provide the flavor, fragrance, and color of the plant of which they form a part. When oils and resins are extracted from plants, these substances contain the Terpenes identified with the plant, therefore an essential oil or resin will have the same scent as the plant.

Essential oils and resins are often used by perfumeries to create perfumes, and certain essential oils and other products such as herbs and spices are used to flavor foods.

Many of these Terpene containing products are also used for medical purposes, and form an important part of holistic healing and Homeopathy. Some can even be used to fight off bacteria and fungi on domestic plants such as vegetables and flowers.

For example, the Terpenes found in Marigolds are very strong scented, and these flowers are often planted in the same beds as tomatoes and other vegetables in order to repel the insects that are known to attack these vegetables. This is called Companion Gardening.

Certain plants, such as Lavender, can also help with stress. Certain herbs, such as rosemary, mint or basil, have a very strong Terpene presence and are referred to as aromatic plants.

What are Terpenes in Cannabis & Hemp

Cannabis contains a wide range of more than 200 terpenes, which in combination are responsible for the particular and unmistakable aroma that surrounds the plant.  These terpenes are thought to work synergistically with the cannabinoids contained by the plant, in order to enhance the health effects that Cannabis & Hemp has on the body of human beings and other animals.

Cannabis has been used for a long time to treat various conditions and diseases, but it has only recently been established that the range of diseases and conditions that can be treated with Cannabis is very vast indeed.

Cannabis can successfully treat conditions such as anxiety, stress, migraines, ADD, PTSD, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia many more. One of the greatest benefits of Cannabis & Hemp lies in the fact that CBD Oil can be used to effectively treat certain epileptic seizures and even cancer.

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