Can CBD Be Used to Fight Coronavirus?

With all the fear and panic surrounding the spread of this dangerous virus, is it possible that CBD (cannabidiol) could help in the fight against infection? Or could CBD products such as those offered by CannaLife be a remedy for the Coronavirus?

  • To begin with I will look at the animal kingdom, because that is indeed where the virus has come from.
  • In fact, an animal food market in Wuhan, the Huanan seafood market according to ‘Business Insider’ is believed to be the source of the outbreak.
  • CBD is well known to have anti-viral properties that can obviously help in the fight against viral attacks such as we have with Coronavirus,
  • CBD is also known to have antibacterial properties that assist in fighting different infections that can occur as the body struggles against the virus.
  • We know that in the case of canine Coronavirus, intestinal inflammation is a major problem.
  • CBD is known to have excellent anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Coronavirus can induce nausea and vomiting, both of which can be effectively treated with CBD.
  • Anyone fighting a virus can become anxious and agitated, and Coronavirus is no exception.
  • CBD is known to be efficacious against these symptoms of stress and anxiety.
  • CBD works well for Anxiety

CBD vs Coronavirus Conclusion

It has to be said that any claims of CBD being used effectively to fight Coronavirus is at this time entirely speculative, as there have be no scientific tests to verify such a claim.

However, if we look at the subjective argument surrounding CBD in general and the many claims of its effectiveness against the symptoms listed above, then it begs the question.

Why would CBD NOT be effective in the battle against Coronavirus?

And is it not worth it to even try CBD as a deterrent against catching Coronavirus in the first instance?

CBD is after all not officially recognised as a ‘medicine’ so there is no restrictions as to its use with regards to this.

CBD a drug – after all it is derived from the Cannabis plant.

The answer to this is a definite NO. CBD is just one of the cannabinoids present in the Cannabis plant and it is perfectly safe to use with no side-effects involved!

THC is the restricted cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant – and it is in miniscule doses in legal CBD products (less than 0.3%).

CBD oil will NOT get you high.

This sad and scary story continues apace as the Coronavirus spreads relentlessly and who knows how far it will go and how many people will lose their lives before it’s all over.

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